Casper Civic Chorale By-laws - approved by members April 2011

** for the sections & note revisions accepted by vote of members April 2015.

Article I: Name and Objective

The Casper Civic Chorale is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit organization composed of singers from Casper and the surrounding area who are interested in the performance and enjoyment of good choral music through a program of regular rehearsals and concerts. The Casper Civic Chorale performance year will coincide with its fiscal year being July 1 through June 30.

Article II: Location/Address

The Casper Civic Chorale shall meet for rehearsals at an appropriate location. The mailing address is:

Casper Civic Chorale
P. O.  Box 50953
Casper, Wyoming 82600

The P.O. Box is located at 411 Forest Drive. The Secretary and President will each have a key to the P.O. Box.

Article III: Membership

Section 1 – Chorale Membership

Membership in the Chorale is open to all singers in the area who are at least eighteen years old and are current with their dues. The Chorale Director may make exceptions to the age requirement on an individual basis. Although auditions are not required, the Chorale Director may call auditions to ensure vocal continuity. The Board may, at the recommendation of the Chorale Director, terminate a membership in the case of unseemly conduct.

Section 2 – Dues

The Board sets membership dues, which may be paid by individual concert or by the season. Only members who have currently paid their dues may sing in the next concert. In cases of financial need, fee waivers can be arranged through a letter of application to the Board.

Section 3 – Attendance

Regular attendance at rehearsal is expected. Members should be registered by the second rehearsal. Anyone who misses more than two rehearsals after registration must have permission from the Chorale Director to sing in the next performance.

Section 4 – Attire

Members shall be responsible for acquiring and wearing uniform performance attire as set by the Board.

Article IV: Board of Director

Section 1 – Board Membership

**A Board of Directors will be elected by the current Chorale membership, consist of no more than seven members elected from the Chorale and will serve as the governing body for the Chorale. Officers of the Board of Directors shall include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They are also referred to as the Executive Committee. Other Board members will include the immediate Past President whose term has just ended and two members at large. The Chorale Director shall serve as a non-voting member.

**Section 2 – Terms

Board members serve two-year terms with new terms beginning on July 1st, the start of the fiscal year, President, Secretary & #2 Member @ Large shall be elected in even years. Vice President , Treasurer & #1 Member@ Large shall be elected in odd years. No Board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same position on the Board nor hold more than one office at a time.

**Section 3 - Election of Board Members/Officers

A nominating committee, Past President, shall meet with a committee (of 2 or 3) in February. A possible slate shall be presented to the board & then to the membership in March, so other interested persons may also run. To insure continuity, half of the positions are filled each year. A Chorale vote, by ballot, shall occur at the first rehearsal in April.

Section 4 - Vacancies

A Board member may resign by submitting a letter to the Board President. Any vacated position will be filled by Board appointment. The person filling the vacated position may serve an additional two-year term.

Section 5 – Board Responsibilities

The Board sets direction for the Chorale. The Board shall be responsible for all activities, property, funds and shall have the authority to perform all deeds necessary to accomplish the goals of the Chorale. The Board may conduct a performance review of all staff at the May Board meeting. The Board shall set salary and duties for the Chorale Director and Accompanist. Salaries for additional musicians providing musical accompaniment for the Chorale will be set and approved by the Board. Each Board member shall serve on at least one committee or appointed position.

Section 6 – Conflict of Interest

The primary duty of the Board members shall be to conduct business for the benefit of the Casper Civic Chorale. When the Board is making financial and/or policy decisions, it is the responsibility of the Board members to disclose any conflict of interest.

Article V: Officers

Section 1 – Positions

Officers of the Board of Directors (Executive Committee) shall include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2 – Duties of Officers

**(a) President - The President shall call and preside over  meetings and may call special meetings as necessary. The President shall also appoint ad hoc committees as needed (see Committees) and shall communicate essential information to Board and Chorale members. The President shall work with the Treasurer and finance committee in preparing the annual budget. The President shall also sign, execute and approve all contracts and other materials authorized by the Board. The President may designate another Executive Board member to sign or approve contracts authorized by the Board. The President may appoint a member of the Board to serve as parliamentarian at Board meetings.

**(b) Vice President - The Vice President shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President, assist the President as needed and chair the Finance Committee to solicit donations in letters sent each fall.. The Vice President may be nominee for the office of president.  If elected, the V.P. position shall be filled by a board appointment.

**(c) Secretary - The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings and distribute copies to Board members prior to the next meeting. The Secretary shall maintain all lists of singers and mailings with the help of a Member at Large. The Secretary shall manage Chorale correspondence as directed by the President, including thank you notes to every donor.

**(d) Treasurer - The Treasurer shall maintain accurate financial records, receive dues from all singer, make bank deposits, maintain investments and pay bills (including staff paychecks) in a timely manner. The Treasurer will give a financial report at monthly board meetings and chart receipts and expenditures after each concert according to budget categories.. The Treasurer shall chair the Budget Committee and supervise the preparation of the annual budget each summer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all paperwork to maintain the organizations tax-exempt status and annual incorporation report for the State of Wyoming. He or she shall work closely with any tax professional hired by the board.

**(e) Two Members at Large - also serving staggered terms shall assist with duties assigned by the president depending on their interest & abilities (ie. music distribution, posters, program designing, computerized announcements or updating of the registration list as members come & go.

Section 3 – Officers Records

The officers shall maintain and pass along to their successors all records pertaining to their offices for the past five years. Officers will place records prior to that period in the CCC archives (administered by the historian.) The historian will, with the advice of the Board, destroy any records more than ten years old that are without historical value.

Article VI: CCC Staff

Section 1 – Chorale Director

The Chorale Director is selected by and serves at the discretion of the Board. The Chorale Director shall be responsible for the musical quality, artistic level of both rehearsals and concerts and shall promote excellence in the performance of the Chorale. The Chorale Director shall choose the program for each concert and establish plans for programs on a three-year cycle. Musical selections for each concert scheduled for the coming year will be presented to the Board for approval at the July (fiscal) Board meeting. The Chorale Director shall appoint section leaders. The Chorale Director is responsible for attending and conducting all rehearsals or will provide a substitute.

Section 2 – Accompanist

In consultation with the Board, the Accompanist is selected by and serves at the discretion of the Chorale Director. The Accompanist is responsible for attending all rehearsals or will provide a substitute in consultation with the Director. The Accompanist will perform with the Chorale in concert.

Article VII: Meetings

Section 1 – Scheduling of Meetings

The Board shall schedule monthly meetings at a time and place to be determined. An organizational meeting of the out-going and in-coming Boards members shall be held in June prior to the new fiscal year. The President may call special meetings as necessary through notification of all Board members.

Section 2 – Quorum

A quorum is defined as at least fifty-one percent of the current Board members. A quorum must be in attendance before business can be transacted.

Section 3 – Parliamentary Procedure

Rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the CCC subject to such special rules as have been or may be adopted. The president may appoint a board member to act as parliamentarian.

Article VIII: Committees/Appointed Positions

Section 1 – Board Members

All Board members should serve on at least one committee or appointed position.

Section 2 – Standing Committees

(a) Finance Committee
The Finance committee will plan its fiscal year from 1 July through 30 June to correspond with the performance season. The tax year will be from 1 January to 31 December. The Treasurer shall serve as the chairperson of the finance committee. The finance committee will meet to develop the budget and to determine priorities for fundraising. The budget will be submitted to the Board for approval at the July Board meeting. The Finance Committee will select a chairperson for each fundraising sub-committee and propose a time line for activities. The Finance Committee will seek a person with experience writing grants to serve as  Grant Writer. The Executive Committee shall conduct regular audits of the Treasurers books. In addition, an audit by a non-board member(s)  will occur when a Treasurer leaves office.

(b) Grant Writing Committee
The Grant writer will select members of the Chorale to serve on the Grant Writing Committee to assist in the researching of grant sources and preparation of forms requesting funds from various sources.

(c) Fund Raising Committee
A fund raising committee will be formed to seek ways in which the Chorale can raise funds, other than grants, to financially support the Chorale.

(d) Public Relations/Publicity Committee
This committee publicizes the Chorales concerts, activities and recruiting efforts. A continual search for the least expensive source for printing programs and posters will be a primary function of this committee. A database will be developed and maintained for all television and radio stations that provide PSAs. A yearly record will be kept of any article or PSA that is provided by the media.

(e) Board Nominating Committee
Past President, shall meet with a committee (of 2 or 3) in February. A possible slate shall be presented to the board & then to the membership in March, so other interested persons may also run. To insure continuity, half of the positions are filled each year. A Chorale vote, by ballot, shall occur at the first rehearsal in April.

(f) Hospitality Committee
The Hospitality committee arranges for refreshments for each rehearsal, any receptions that might occur and other social gatherings.

Section 3 – Appointed Positions

Appointed positions may be filled by Chorale or Board members. With approval of the Board, these individuals may solicit other Chorale members to assist in the duties of the position

(a) Music Librarian
The Music Librarian shall assist the Chorale Director in the ordering, distributing, maintaining, cataloging and collecting of all music used. A computerized program will be established to identify all filed music by title, composer, arranger, style (period), current number of copies and the last date the music was performed. The librarian will also establish contact with the local high schools and Casper College choral directors in an attempt to create a music sharing program.

(b) Grant Writer
The grant writer shall appoint a committee to assist in the research and preparation of grants and other forms of fund raising. All applications for grants will be reviewed by the board. A master list of organizations and individuals that provide grants, gifts, have endowment funds or provide donations will be developed, maintained and up-dated for future use.

(c) Historian
The Historian shall receive all records: Board minutes, programs, announcements, and news articles and maintain them in an organized archive. (see Article V, Sec 3, Officer Records)

(d) Section Leaders
The Chorale Director will select section leaders. The section leaders must be able to sing parts with proper intonation and be able to perform individual parts at the piano with accurate pitch and rhythm. It is not absolutely necessary to be able to play the piano but it would be desirable. The section leader will maintain attendance records for the section, determine which persons in the section needs extra help learning parts and will schedule sectional rehearsals outside of rehearsal time as needed.

Section 4 – Special Committees

The President may also appoint additional committees and individuals as needed.

Article IX: Financial Policies

Section 1 – Budget

The Finance Committee will develop the budget and submit it to the Board at the July Board meeting. The Treasurers monthly financial report to the Board will be by budget category. The Treasurer will present to the Board a report comparing expenditures to the budget line categories quarterly as determined by the fiscal year.

Section 2 – Exceeding Budget

Board approval is required if expenditures for the fiscal year will exceed the total budget. Any non-budgeted expense will require Board approval prior to the expenditure.

Section 3 – Endowment Fund

As funds become available, an endowment fund may be established to provide for the long-term financial stability of the Casper Civic Chorale by placing funds outside the general operational budget. A separate endowment policy will delineate circumstances in which the principal and income can be used.

Section 4 – Investments

As funds become available, The Board committee is authorized to make investment decisions for the chorale.

Article X: Non-discrimination Policy

The Casper Civic Chorale, its Board, committees and staff shall not discriminate, regarding membership or employment, because of age, race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or sexual orientation.

Article XI: Amendments

Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed in writing to the Board at any meeting. Amendments must first be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors prior to being presented to the CCC membership for a vote.

Amendments will become effective following a majority vote of the CCC paid membership present.

Article XII: Additional Policies and Procedures

Other policies and procedures may be adopted as the Board sees fit. The policies and/or procedures will be attached as an addendum to these bylaws. These written policies and procedures may be adopted and/or changed by a majority vote of a quorum of the Board.

Policies adopted by board 2013-16, added to end of by-laws April 2016

  • Mission Statement: Encouraging all to find the JOY in adult singing (add to stationery as reprinted and to sandwich board)
  • Attire as set by board: Tuxedos for men and black Valentina dresses from Tuxedo Wholesalers for women, unless costumes are designated for a program. A member will maintain list of any dresses available for loan or sale, but pricing will be between seller & buyer.
  • Children are not allowed at practices due to liability and distraction concerns.
  • Direct mailings each year with three different letters: #1 to Patrons before fall concert, #2 to Prospective Donors before December & #3 to Businesses or Foundations with dates determined by Special Project chairman.
  • CCC post office box return address and self addressed envelopes will be included.
  • Casper College Scholarship established in 2015 plus matching funds from the legislature, may be added to at anytime with funds from singers, etc. Criteria will be set by board once the College Foundation determines it has matured enough to be awarded.
  • As singers or past singers pass on, a donation will be made in their memory to the scholarship fund with an appropriate note sent to the family.
  • A contract for the director, will be reviewed every year with fees set at that time. The director will name his accompanist with board approval.