50th Anniversary
Celebrate the Joy! 50 Years of Making Music

We are so pleased to have recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary with a special concert. Enjoy these beautiful 50th anniversary concert photos. What a milestone!

CCC 50th men
CCC 50th- reader 30
Civic Chorale 50th-72
CCC 50th harmonica
CCC 50th accompanist
CCC 50th 30 years
Civic Chorale 50th-85
CCC 50th Steve
CCC 50thFlute-11
Civic Chorale 50th-48
CCC 50th ready-26
CCC 50th Joan D
CCC Board Members-5
CCC 50th sitters
CCC 50th Diane
CCC 50 dave direct
CCC 50 Steve Donna
CCC 50th Mark-21
Civic Chorale Members3
Civic Chorale Members
CCC 50th reader 2
CCC 50th strings
CCC 50th cello
CCC 50th-Helpers4
CCC 5oth Dave talk
CCC 50th robin bev
CCC 50th McIntire
CCC 50th-Bow8
CCC 5oth soprano
CCC 50th McIntire laugh
Civic Chorale 50th-46
CCC 50th all directors
Civic Chorale Members2