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The Casper Civic Chorale will be celebrating 50 years of music during their Fall Concert! The Casper Civic Chorale started in 1972 under the direction of Wayne McIntire. Wayne encouraged the people of Casper to join together in song for 40 years. His vision was to provide a place for lovers of music to sing, regardless of their experience. Auditions were not required and reading music was optional. The only important thing was the desire to raise your voice in song!

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In 2012, Wayne retired and Steve Grussendorf took the reins. He continued to create a community of people who shared the joy of singing. He also continued the philosophy of welcoming all who wanted to join the choir. He guided the choir until 2020.

Please join us on November 30 to celebrate our accomplishments as a community choir! We will be honoring both Wayne and Steve for their amazing dedication and for providing so many years of music to Casper. The concert will be held at the Wheeler Hall, Casper College at 3:30 PM. 

If you would like to join us as a member of our choir for this momentous concert, please see our "Join" page or download our Rehearsal Schedule for details!

Welcome Letter from Joan Davis, CCC President